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This paper is about Nigeria and their health care, lending institutions and human capital. It is how this country can grow because this country is capable of great things. They need help and It seems that they are trying to fix the problems in their country, but it’s very hard to climb yourself out of a hole that seems impossible. They need a assistance but the World Bank and IMF see unable to provide the amount of care that they need or give them the financial push that is required to keep their country a float.

Lending Institutions, Health Care, and Human Capital

Nigeria is a fail state that democracy has been tried in but they failed to miserably because they are so many corrupt officials. (Ditimi & Nowsa, 2011) Now Nigeria is so far in debt it will never be able to climb its way out. (Ditimi & Nowsa, 2011) The need of human capital is apparent because things can’t continue the way they are going and people surviving. (Ditimi & Nowsa 2011) “Not having sustainable development it what is keeping them a third world country and a fail state. (Dauda, 2011) In this regard, policy-makers in conjunction with employers and individuals need up to date information on the real labor market value of different qualifications, in order to help them navigate through the increasingly complex education system and make the optimal kinds of investment decision” (Ditimi & Nowsa 2011)