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According to the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF), over one billion people in the world today are caught in the poverty trap. Identify key economic, social, or political reasons why some people within the developing world live on $1 a day. Next, determine at least three possible economic, social, or political steps that developing countries overall can take to extricate their poor citizens from this dilemma.

In underdeveloped countries, millions of people live on just one dollar ($1.00) per day. This is because of governments that are poorly ran. The people who are in official and key positions are not educated enough to do so. These governments are full of discrimination, corruption and are deeply in debt with no plans of getting out. When the governments is poorly run they cannot focus on the needs of the people and if the corruption and discrimination exist against certain groups, religious beliefs or ethnic groups, they will experience even more oppression by not getting any aid at all.

In order for developing countries to move from poverty to prosperous,