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Complete a three-part problem-solving technique using one of three techniques discussed in Ch. 10 of Working in Groups.

Write a 1,250- to 1,450-word-paper divided it into the following three parts:


Part I: Select


Discuss and choose the technique that will best help them solve the problem.


Explain why the technique was chosen and briefly summarize how this technique can be conducted in a virtual team environment.


Discuss which of the three techniques offers the most promise to help solve the problem. The three techniques: Brainstorming, Nominal Group Technique, or Decreasing Option Technique are found in Ch. 10 of Working in Groups.


Decide on a problem-solving technique.


Provide a brief overview explaining why this technique was chosen.


Explain which technology or technologies work best with this method and for your group.


Review the inset, Virtual Groups: Adapting Decision-Making and Problem-Solving Methods in Ch. 10 of Working in Groups to help you with your decision.


Part II: Conduct


Use the guidelines detailed in Working in Groups of the problem-solving technique you have chosen to arrive at a solution.

Explain how your team adapted or modified the guidelines for your team.

Explain how your group functioned or worked together during each phase or step of your chosen technique.

Describe any outcomes or products the group created along the way.

State your solution.

Include any outcomes or products described above as an appendix to the team paper.


Note. The Appendix does not count toward word count.


Part III: Debrief conclusion: Present the team assignment


Provide any insights your team gained for the usefulness of the technique in problem-solving applications.

Provide any adaptations made to the problem solving technique that you choose and if you would recommend them for future use.

Submit your team’s final solution in Week Five.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines

Solution Description

Creative Problem-Solving Demonstration

The primary objective of Team C is to deal with a team member who is constantly late in completing assignments and often behind schedule.  Team C finds the behavior of the individual unacceptable and is looking for better ways to address these issues proficiently and skillfully.  Part of the process is to determine the best way to deal with these problems.  Team C chose the brainstorming technique to resolve these issues.  Brainstorming is a technique used to generate new ideas in a brief period.  “When a group wants to identify the causes or solutions to a problem, brainstorming can increase the number and creativity of responses” (Engleberg & Wynn, 2011, p. 253).  Brainstorming is using specific or defined rules and procedures that will encourage team members to start groundbreaking ideas prior to arriving at a final decision.  The team selected the brainstorming technique because everyone believes this is the best way

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