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Review the video “Focus: Culture” on the student website. 

Respond to the questionnaire following the video selections.

Consider the following questions and provide your response:

·         Identify the differences between race and culture. Discuss the distinctions between the two.

·         Why are these distinctions important?

·         What are the advantages of attending a diverse campus?

·         What are the potential issues of a lack of diversity?

·         What do you like best about your culture?

·         What would you change about your culture if you could?

·         For many, much of their perception about cultures comes from TV and the movies they watch. How is this a potential problem?

·         What do different cultures often have in common? Why do you think this is so?

·         Is an individual born into a culture, or does he or she adapt to a culture? Explain.

Can a person become so centered on his or her own culture that his or her ability to work with a group of diverse individuals on a common goal is affected?

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·         Identify the differences between ethnicity  and culture. Discuss the distinctions between the two.Ethnicity is what country an individual is from and a culture is traditions b

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