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SOC 100 Week 2 DQ’s


1. 1. Explain the advantages and limitations of the four major research designs. Provide an example of a social group situation that you believe would be best studied by each type of design. Explain your selection.


2.    2.    Fig. 2.2 in Ch. 2 states that “in general, states with high education levels . . . also have high household incomes.” What hypothesis might you propose to explain states that do not have a correlational relationship between high income and high education levels?


3.  3.    Explain Casual and correlation relationships. How do they differ? Why is the difference important to your understanding of research data and information?


4.    4.   In your opinion are the ethical concerns regarding  conflict of interest in corporate and government funding of sociological research? Why or why not? Defend your view.

5. Why do sociologist need to follow a code of ethics. What are some ethical concerns of sociological research? How might violation of research ethics affect you as a student, as a sociologist and as a consumer.



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