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Smart Policing Initiative paper includes a title page






Stucture of the Organization 

Description of Activities 

How the organization relates to the community-

Historical information pertaining to organization, creation, development, changes over time, current operations-

Total length is 7 pages and includes references and reference page 

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The current economy is posing a myriad of significant problems for all parts of local communities as well as government entities. With budget cuts in full effect, citizens are feeling the effects of such financial burdens through lessened police presence, increased government restrictions on some of our most basic rights and thousands losing jobs while taxes are subsequently increased. Because there is only so much that can be done in regard to cutting back on public safety measures such as police personnel, there have been new programs implemented to aid in the overall success of community security while continuing to appease the increasing budget restrictions. One of these programs or initiatives rather, is commonly referred to as the Smart Policing Initiative.


            Smart Policing Initiatives of which are implemented at various police departments around the country are understood to be officially defined as “a system-wide and strategic view of police operations that includes consideration of causal factors of crime, system impact of police actions, partners