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Sister Callista Roy is a theorist who was born in 1939 and is known as a member of Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Carondelet.  She graduated from Mount Saint Mary’s college preferably in Los Angeles California after she attained Bachelor of Science in nursing.  Roy’s expectation in becoming a model was beyond her pace while working on masters she was being mentored by Dorothy Johnson.  This aspect explores that Johnson’s nursing model was actually the impetus for development of Roy’s adaptation model (Roy, 2008 pg 2).   She absolutely involved herself in model presentation, literature debut and operationalization. Theorist Callista Roy is therefore known for the theory adaptation theory.  This theory was delivered from Harry Nelson’s theory adaptation in associate to the adaptive responses like function of incoming stimuli and adaptive level.

The theory which theorist Callista Roy came up with is known as adaptation model theory. However, the credentials of the theory are the