Should medical marijuana be legalized? Should all marijuana? - 24254

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The unit readings identified differences in rules from state to state, county to county, and federal to state. For example, Los Angeles County has legal “head shops,” but San Diego County does not. However, even in Los Angeles, the federal government raids the so-called legal "head shops" because marijuana is still illegal under federal law. Should medical marijuana be legalized? Should all marijuana? What is the current state of the law? Locally in your own state? Nationally? Internationally? What has been going on in California, one of the active states in this area? Using the stories and sources on this topic you found on the Internet and saved to a folder as support for your views, state what you believe are the correct answers to these questions and why you believe they are correct

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While legalizing drugs should never be the answer to crime problems in America but if the drug causes less harm than alcohol and cigarettes, which are legal, and actually provides a medicinal affect to the patient it should be legalized but like all other medications should be strictly monitored by

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