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Sensory Perceptions

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Sensory Perceptions


There is an aged old saying that states:  “Believe nothing what you here and only half of what you see.”  This is true, more than most people think.  Even in the legal system, eye witness accounts as evidence are proven to be extremely unreliable.  The fact is that people interpret what they hear and see via their own view of the world. 


Reasons for believing in the accuracy or inaccuracy of sensory information.

Lack of all of the facts:  Often when an eye witness is interviewed, that witness lacks all of the facts.  For example, a person driving a car witnesses another driver violently slapping his right arm at the person next to him in the passenger side.  The passenger is a child.  The driver calls 911 to report how the driver observed is violently hitting and beating his child.  When the police pull the car over and check it out, the child is laughing with his dad.  What really happened is that they were laughing and joking and the dad was slapping his own leg to animate for the child how it sounded when the thunder came and m