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1. What variables—such as race, gender, relationship, and type of weapon—are common in homicides? 2. What does history tell us about reducing violent crime? Do you think that communicating the impact that violence has on the community directly to an offender could aide in reducing violent crime? Explain. 3. What is the patterning of physical and sexual abuse against children? What can be done to reduce this problem? 4. What are two proposals for reducing property crime? Do you feel these are effective? Why?

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The variables gender common in murder are males commit the majority of murders. In 2008 it was determined over 78% of murders were committed by a male. The variables in race ashow that a majority of African Americans commit murder with white men a close second. The majority of murder victims are white and next in line is the African Americans. Firearms are involved with the majoity of murders committed in America. Murder victims are more likely to be killed by a boyfriend, spouse, friend, or aquaintance. There is a stronger chance a murder victim will be killed by a friend or family member over a stranger.

The twentieth century brought major change to violent crime. Law and order was established. The history of murder and violent crimes has changed over the different periods of Americas history. The types of violent crime changed to gang violence, serial killers, drive by shootings, school shootings, and terrorist attacks from Americans and foreigners. Data shows that vi