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Screening and Selecting Internal Candidates Selection Process The CapraTek selection process for the position of Regional Sales Representatives will include a combination of background checks, pre-employment screening tests and other selection criteria intentionally chosen based on the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities for the position. Initial Review Once the job has been posted and the posting date has closed an initial review will be performed to eliminate those who do not meet minimum qualifications. Telephone Interview With a large candidate pool, it may be beneficial to conduct a second level of review using a brief telephone interview to further clarify a candidate’s qualifications. This process can further refine a large candidate pool to a more manageable number. Background Checks Background checks should be performed for all candidate being seriously considered for the position. CapraTek uses HireRight to perform requested background checks and carefully adheres to all EEOC and FTC regulations regarding the use of this information. Background checks help protect CapraTek by avoiding the possibility of legal liability or harm. These risks can occur through loss of reputation, resulting in a loss of customers or financial loss. Other risks include sexual harassment, workplace viol