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Develop an original lesson plan for a science lesson to teach concepts of science data gathering in order to show concepts of accuracy and error during a 30–40 minute lesson with an elementary class. 




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Subject(s): Science


Topic or Unit of Study:  Scientific Method


Grade/Level:  4th Grade


Instructional Setting:

            Classroom is comprised of 17 students with one teacher.  Seating arrangement is one group of five students and three groups of six students at individual desks.  The lesson will include direct instruction, large group discussion and an activity within the classroom.  Handouts and instructions will be provided to each student.




Your State Core Curriculum/Student Achievement Standard(s):


SC.O.4.1.9 construct a hypothesis when provided a problem. 

SC.O.4.1.8 demonstrate safe and proper techniques for handling, manipulating and caring for science materials. 

SC.O.4.1.11 interpret data presented in a table, graph, or diagram and use it to answer questions and make decisions. 

SC.O.4.1.12 draw and support conclusions, make predictions and inferences based on patterns of evidence (e.g., weather maps, variation of plants, or frequency and pitch of sound). 

M.O.4.5.4 Solve real world problems using mean, median and mode. 


Lesson Objective(s):


The students will:

understand the scientific method components through application.

be able to identify variables and if a hypothesis is proven.

create their own bar graph for their scientific method experiment.