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This graph-your emissions profile-measures the pollution you created over the course of a month. You emitted 2483 pounds of air pollution in June.*
Say what? 2483 pounds is a lot of chocolate, but is it a lot of pollution? You can judge by comparing yourself with the second bar on the graph, which represents the emissions profile for an average American--1,654 pounds. Many would argue that just one pound of pollution is too much, but we live in an imperfect and complicated world, so set your own goals for where you would like to be on this graph tomorrow or next year.
Your biggest source of emissions in June came from the category: Driving. We have provided some suggestions for how to cut emissions in this area. Some of the changes we suggest are easier than others, but we hope they all help you imagine ways that you can fit emissions reductions into your life and better prioritize your emissions reduction actions. If you only had time to cut your emissions in one area, what should it be?
Your emissions profile tells you how much pollution results from your lifestyle; our product search tool helps you easily improve your profile by providing emissions data on a variety of common household products.
And as a registered AirHead user, you can come back every month and re-calculate your emissions to track your progress. If your emissions seem uncharacteristically high this month-because you took a plane trip or because, say, natural gas prices are unreasonably high-check back again for the satisfaction of seeing your profile improve. We're not interested in artificially inflating your profile; browbeating isn't really our style.

What was your highest contributor? What can you do to lower your total? What is your greatest challenge in lowering your total?

The highest contributor of emission in June from the members of my house came from driving a SUV. Between the five Marines living in the house we emitted approximately 1210 lbs of pollution into the environment this month from the vehicle alone. The next highest contributor came from an airplane delivering over 835 lbs of pollution into the environment.
To lower the total amount of pollution that we contribute to the environment, we can use the vehicle less by walking to work. Because we work about a mile from where we live, this should not cause too much of a problem. 
The greatest challenge in lowering the total amount of pollution that we emit into the environment would be to convince the other four Marines that walking a few times a month will help. Because the weather is extremely hot this time of year, I do not see them walking rater then riding in an air conditioned SUV. 

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