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Create a 12- to 15 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation for your chosen geologic feature.

Address the following:


·         Describe the various geologic events that have occurred in the region around your feature.


·         Describe the geological features and various types of rocks that formed in the area, such as mountains, craters, canyons, volcanoes, fault lines, or folds.


·         What is the most prevalent rock type of your feature? Describe the rock type’s mineral composition.


·         How old is your geologic feature? Estimate the absolute age of the feature, and discuss methods used to determine the age.


·         What geologic event created your feature? Discuss the process of plate tectonics related to the formation.


·         Explain the significance of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks in your region.


·         Describe the types of weathering and erosion processes that have likely affected the physical appearance of your feature.


·         Describe any significant water, ocean, desert, or glacial features associated with your region, and the process involved with creating one of them.


·         Explain what resources are abundant in the region and the importance and economic value of these resources to the region.


·         In conclusion, explain why you selected this geologic feature for your presentation.


·         Include graphics.


·         Include details in speaker notes.


Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

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