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Role of criminal specialization and generalization in sexual aggression











I have learnt that, the specialization in crime is defined as a central problem in criminology together with crime prevention and enforcement. It is also known as specific patterns pertaining criminal behavior which are quite persistent throughout criminal career. Generalization is a general statement or even a concept in which specific cases are inferred.  The central problem within the crime specialization study is to determine from the perspective of criminal the type of crime or crimes which have to be considered significantly and which crimes have to be considered distinct (In Wright, 2014). Certainly, the role of criminal specialization is to expose the possibilities of increasing efficiency of justice system via various measures focusing on the different groups of the offenders.  The other role is to identify the sexually abused minors particularly regarding the gender and age. The reason is that, the sexual assaults and other sexual abusive activities have identified to emerge as a result of age and gender.

The reading from this psychological topic portrays that