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Instructions for Written Assignment

This is a two part assignment. You will first interview a personnel manager in a human service agency using prepared questions. You will then use the results of that interview and other course material to develop a human resources plan for the agency you have been focusing on throughout the course. 

STEP 1: Identify a human resource manager in an agency similar to your focal agency. (Drug Treatment; Road to Recovery

STEP 2: Design a series of questions for that manager that will assist you in developing a staffing plan for this organization.


STEP 3:  Conduct your interview which may be in person or by telephone.

You may post your interview, and that will satisfy steps 1, 2 and 3.


STEP 4: Use the information from the interview along with what you have read to develop a human resources plan for your agency. At a minimum:

List the key positions in your agency based on program needs. Be sure to include administrators, support staff, direct service personnel, consultants and volunteers.

List the education and background for each staff positions,

Reasons for this type of education and background

An estimate of the cost of the various staff including any costs for volunteers such as training, transportation, minimum reimbursement etc.


A brief training and/or development plan for each category and the costs of such training


A description of the basic organizational design.  For instance, will you be using a traditional hierarchy which begins with a chief executive officer and branches into various departments or will you be using a flatter organizational approach emphasizing teamwork and flexibility.

other key factors you want in your agency's staffing program.


Create two potential staffing patterns one reflecting an ideal situation that will maximize services and a second that reflects the minimum staffing needed to adequately obtain desired outcomes. (Hint: Remember that there is a difference between "sunk" staffing needs that will continue no matter how many clients you serve and "variable" staffing needs that depend on how many clients you serve and at what level of service)


Organize your staffing plans in a manner suitable for presentation to a board of directors or other decision making body and submit to the professor here Copy and paste your plan into the staffing plan discussion area for review by fellow classmates. (So it will be submitted both as a writing assignment and also for discussion.)

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