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Retrospective Analysis of Personality





Retrospective Analysis of Personality

When reflecting back on my past, unfortunately I do not remember a lot of it. What I do remember was that in my elementary years I was very enthusiastic to attend school. I think that is one of the few traits that still exists in the person that I am today. Since my time in the military, a lot of my childhood has become a blur which makes it difficult for me to recollect or remember my past. There is always a bias opinion when someone tells a story about something that happened because they want to look good in the story. No one wants to tell a story where they look incompetent or dumb. Psychology relies on scientific studies because there are outcomes of variable situations and personal experiences are just one person where there could be a set of anomalies involved.

There are only a few memories that I remember from my past before the military. One of the reasons I have trouble recalling memories from my past is because when people joined the United States Marine Corps they