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Dissertation Topic – Ethical Integrity in Leadership and Organizational Moral Culture

Thoms, J. C. (2008).old Ethical integrity in leadership and organizational moral culture. Leadership, 4(4), 419-442.

According to Thoms (2008)Ethical integrity and moral culture are defined, and ethical integrity in leadership, ethical dilemmas and failures, and organizational moral culture are examined.” Leadership in organizations is a daunting task and requires ethical integrity as well as a moral culture. When an organization has a moral culture, employee retention rates are generally higher. The organizations I work for strive for a moral and ethical integrity workplace; however, as with some organizations as the policies and procedures come down the chain of command some things are left out.


I need you to take this; I need a modern day scholarly day reference versus this one.

I need this elaborated in two pages.


In two more pages: I need you to draft a research statement which should be supported in last week’s writing you did. (The draft Statement of the Research Problem should be supported by research literature and should have the characteristics identified in Activity 3.)

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