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Part A: State your research question and hypothesis. The topic should be business-related. The hypothesis should not be obvious or innocuous. It should typically be a proposed explanation of a problem or proposed solution which can be supported/not supported by measurable statistical data. The research variables will be definable, multi-level, and measurable by statistics. Part B: 1) Describe your population. 2) Develop three scholarly resources in support of your research problem and hypothesis. These resources should come from scholarly journals, as opposed to Wikipedia or random internet sources, and should help underpin the theoretical framework of your research problem. If you have websites please give them or use APA BIB off to reference other material. 3) Suppose that you are going to test this hypothesis with a sample. Select a sampling technique to collect and test data from your population. Justify why this sampling technique is appropriate. List the number of groups needed in your sample. 4) Develop three good survey questions or describe your experiment. Why will this process lead to valid and reliable data? 5) List all variables involved in the hypotheses. 6) Specify data levels of all involved variables. 7) Select appropriate statistical techniques that can be used to test your hypotheses. Justify it.

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Research Question: What characterizes online consumer behavior and what motivating factors should be considered?


Online consumerism is affected by attitudes towards online shopping, motivations, such as price, convenience and hedonic motivations,

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