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Research Proposal and Annotated Bibliography--Project Assignment #3



 This is a two-part assignment. For the first part—the plan of intent, or research proposal—see the unit 3 schedule, in particular the IN-CLASS ACTIVITY columns for 2/27 and 3/1. The instructions indicated there will guide you as to what this short research proposal should include. As those guidelines are pretty straightforward, the rest of this sheet will focus mostly on the second part of this project.

For the second part—the annotated bibliography—much of the requirements can be found on pp. 481-83 in the Allyn and Bacon text. You will need to include a critical preface, followed by evaluative annotations of each of your sources.

Your annotated bibliography should be composed of 1) the critical preface, for which your exploratory study and more focused research proposal about your final project in this course should have helped you come to a tentative thesis/call for action; and of 2) evaluative entries on at least 5 sources, with each entry a minimum of 150 words, but not much longer. (See samples on pp. 482-83 and on 491-92.)

Remember: for this second part, I will be evaluating your knowledge of annotated bibliography conventions and adherence to proper MLA documentation for bibliographic citation portions of the annotations. See list of requirements on pp. 481-84 for further criteria and where to find further help with them, and above for due dates.

By the end of this project, you will have

? defined an area of interest appropriate for extended research;

? defined a problematic, significant and interesting question which will be explored and refined in the research;

? demonstrated that adequate resources are available for the topic;

? identified an audience or discipline appropriate for the topic;

? developed a plan for effectively managing, organizing and conducting a research project;

? proposed your research project persuasively to an academic audience.



As per your syllabus, all should be double-spaced, 12pt Times New Roman. Save your pre-writing work, peer reviews, and drafts, etc. as they will be submitted in portfolio format at the end of the project (peer reviews, pre-writing, and drafts in one pocket; final draft and grading rubric in the other). 

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