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RES 351 Week 3 Individual


In the following examples, determine whether the term independent variable or dependent variable is appropriate.

• Michael is interested in learning the effects of using celebrity endorsement on sales. What type of variable is a celebrity endorsement? 

• In an experiment, this variable is expected to be affected by the manipulation. 

• Criterion variable is synonymous with this term. 

• Several of these variables are somewhat correlated and are therefore are not independent among themselves. 

• A predictor variable is synonymous with this term. 

Fill in the blanks with the term independent variable, dependent variable, or moderating variable.

• Incentives ___ are expected to increase productivity ___ especially among newer employees ___.

• The ___ should not precede the ___ in a research study.

• In an experiment, participants experience a manipulation of the ___, called the experimental treatment.

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