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RES 351 week 2 Individual Business Research Ethics (answer attached)


RES 351 week 2


Business Research Ethics


Resources: The University Library or the Electronic Reserve Readings


Find an article using the University Library or in the Electronic Reserve Readings that discusses unethical business research conduct that has resulted in individuals or a firm being convicted, or at least tried for, this conduct. Some examples include the following:


·       Asking inappropriate questions

·       Skewing research results

·       Failing to maintain participants’ confidential information

·       Using participant information for unintended purposes such as selling goods or services


Summarize the article you researched.


Write a 750-word paper in which you address the following questions:


·       What unethical research behavior was involved?

·       Who were the injured parties?

·       How has the unethical behavior affected the organization, the individual, and society?

·       How could the unethical behavior be avoided or resolved?


Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


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Business Research Ethics

Webster’s Dictionary defines ethics as “a set of moral principles: a theory or system of moral values.” (Merriam-Webster, Incorporated, 2011). Every person has ethics that he or she lives by, but sometimes in the business world many unethical business transactions occur.    People do not realize that sometimes the statistics that he or she are fed have been falsified in order to get him or her to purchase a product or lure him or her in to participate in via false promises.

The ideas of an unethical business practices to gain a statistical advantage is not a new idea.  As a countries economy grows the population begins to see more unethical business practices.  One such practice is skewing the research results.  The way this is done is my taking the information that is given about a certain product or service and misrepresent

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