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Federalism can be defined as the distribution of power between a central government and constituent units—in the case of the United States, between the federal government and the state governments. Do you think the current balance of power between these entities is appropriately balanced, or imbalanced in one way or the other? Explain why you think so, and, if you think they are imbalanced, in which direction you think they are imbalanced.

There is a positive aspect of the federal and state governments I believe with the economic crisis in the last few years has created awareness involving people to be more conscientious and care about the issues and problems America  has faced and still faces. Individuals are starting to raise concern speaking up and questioning what is going on with our government and the decisions representatives are making for the American people. I believe more people are realizing the economic issues are effecting everyone and the American people are starting to stand for rights and question representatives and the decisions he/she is making or has made reflecting on the people, such as the issue of Governor Scott Walker and wanting to rid of unions and bargaining rights.


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The distribution of power between federal and state gov