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1. Report the sample you selected and the question that was explored in the study.  2. Report the r2 linear correlation coefficient and the linear regression equation produced in the Excel spreadsheet.  3. What would be the value of Pearson’s r (simply the square root of r2)?  4. Would Pearson’s r be positive or negative? What does this imply about the relationship between the factors in this study? 5. What is the implication of any correlation found between the variables in the study you picked?  6. Does this correlation imply a causal relationship? Explain. 7. Are there other variables that you think should have been examined that would have improved this study or help to pinpoint what factors are causal? Complete scatterplot and attach as an Excel file (the fraction of variation in one variable should be accounted for by variation of the other). Report the r2 correlation coefficient and linear regression equation with slope and intercept included and stated whether the value of r is positive or negative. Explain the implication of any linear relation, including its three components (scatterplot, r2 value and linear equation) found between hours spent studying, and the exam score earned.
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