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Gun control, in one form or another, is one of those perennially debated topics.   "Guns don't kill, people do,” appears on the bumper of many a half-ton, pickup truck.  The liberal position on the issue seems to favour some form of gun control yet in taking that position, liberals may unwittingly be aligned with those who pushed for prohibition, who now seek even tighter controls over narcotic drugs, and who would continue to ban prostitution.

Numerous commentators have warned that the criminal sanction is one that should be used sparingly. In spite of these  warnings and  the  disconcerting experiences of  Prohibition  and  current efforts  to enforce laws against marijuana, the general  response of  Congress  and  state legislatures has been,  at  least  until recently.  To create more, not fewer, criminal offenses. The basic insight to be gained from these observers and experiences is that using criminal law to deal with social problems inevitably results in the exaction of certain social, economic and political costs, including the unintentional generation of additional crime.


Gun Control and Victimless Crime

The  issue of whether gun control legislation has or will have  a significant impact on violent crime has been much debated, and  a perusal &n

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