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XYZ International offered very lucrative offer to relocate to China. Offering a position in other countries consists of many issues like cultural boundaries, work time issues, relocation problems and most importantly is the job security & upgrade. This will causes major problems if one will be in a committed or full-time relationship or in the case of spouse. Basically, relocation means a change in the physical location of a business. Unfortunately, there is no way that one can be absolutely sure that a potential job is right. Sometimes even the most promising aspects turn out to be a downhill move. Thinking carefully before making a decision can help eliminate some of our doubt and it can also protect us from making poor career choices. Most people don't work for fun, they work for money. Money is also an important factor in this type of offer. In this paper, we will emphasize on the pros and cons on various issues like family concern, job appraisal etc.  Either way, once an offer is on the table, we shouldn't take more than a day or two to decide.










Response to the Offer

XYZ International’s offer should be answered in a proper way. When I will receive their offer then I will express my excitement and thanks to the XYZ’s representative and request a few days, or weeks, to consider it.  I will use it to reflect carefully on both our priorities and needs and the specifics of the offer in order to make an informed choice. At the time of the offer, I will ask the person how to get back in touch should the need arise for clarification on any aspect of the offer. I will try to ask any questions during the same conversation, rather than contacting XYZ International