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Relationship between the U.S and Chinese solar panels

The U.S and China have been battling over the solar industry for several years. The U.S. initially imposed tariffs on Chinese products containing Chinese solar cells in 2012 after it determined that Chinese makers got illegal subsidies and sold the products in the U.S. at prices below cost. China retaliated a year later by announcing its own tariffs on raw materials from the U.S. and South Korea that are used to make solar panels.

Solar technology has perhaps been the most discussed form of alternative energy in America. Many solar farms have been constructed across the country recently, though the largest farms are spread across the deserts of the Southwest. California leads the nation by a large margin in total solar energy production. Solar production is escalating across the world. There are several different means of comparison: total energy produced by solar power, per capita energy produced by solar power, and total solar po