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Reimbursement Systems in Health Care Organizations


In health care, services are most likely to be provided before a payment has been received, so it is imperative for health care providers to establish a reimbursement system that fits their individualized operational needs. In a 3–4-page paper, identify the pros and cons of the following reimbursement methods: Prospective-payment systems Cost-reimbursement systems Discounted-charge systems Flat-rate reimbursement system You should consider the following questions in your comparison analysis:

When is each reimbursement system considered the preferred method?

·        What types of providers use each system?

·        When would be a time or situation when each would be used?

·        How does each reimbursement system affect the various departments of health care companies and providers?

·        Will choosing one system over another affect available funding sources?

·        What other areas/people may be affected by the decision



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