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Regulatory Agency Paper

The healthcare regulatory agency designated for this article is The Federal Bureau of Prisons also known as (BOP). The role of BOP is to confine statewide criminals in prisons. These criminals are cost-efficient, and protected (BOP). The accountability of BOP is to help convicts against their future criminal activities. This is done through educating them to stay involved in curriculums that stand proven to diminish criminal actions. The BOP employees help inmates with programs and services that offer conventional values. Some other duties of BOP also, comprise distributing medical treatment to inmates with health care standards. In 2007 the (BOP) healthcare cost was 736 million in health care for providing healthcare to inmates.

This agency endures health care services to inmates from medical providers and in-house medical providers engaged within the agency. The BOP health care cost remnants affordable in contrast to insurance rate with other agencies. There are frequent ways and means the BOP controls the budget to make the health care low-cost for inmates. The BOP originate ways to control the cost of health care by applying enterprises that provided more effective and efficient inmate health exposure. By applying new systems it helps the BOP reduce the cost for inmate health care coverage. Some of the strategies contain of selecting prisoners to be organizations built on the upkeep degree needed for the convict.

The BOP consists of 119 institutions through the United States. The BOP debated and addressed the budget that was assimilated to accomplish the health care budget of inmates. The agency plays a significant role in reducing cost and distributing health care to inmates. The BOP is used to provide attention to those inmates who are in need of health care. The BOP has four propo