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Considering the various programming languages like C, C++ or Java and many other programming languages where the various techniques or the procedures are being followed up to write an effective as well as an efficient program for a specific purpose. The number of procedure being followed up within a programming language or any object oriented is like the use of the various loop statements, conditional statements, functions as well as pointers are being used up and in some cases depending upon the situation, the requirement of the nesting of the loops or any other statements with a definite interval or a limitation needs to be followed up to meet up to the gathered data.

With respect to meeting up the requirement, the need in some cases were supposed to be thought of in the past days when it comes to the use of a particular statement regularly or for a specific period which seems to become most common and frequently being used up in the recent days where the need of the repetition of the particular operation or the statement got arise.

A loop as explained is a particular term or is an operation that is being widely used with respect to the repetition of a particular statement on a periodically basis. The loops that is mostly widely used up are either for loops, while loops or the do-while loops depending upon the situation. While coming up to the recursion, it also serves as a loop as well like that of the other loops.

While comparing up the various for, while, do while loops that is being mostly written up within a function to enhance up the functionality in order to meet