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Attached is a packet that includes a letter from an officer of the company soliciting help of a consulting firm and provides some initial information about the company and its enviorment. While a problem that the company is experiencing may be highlighted, do not blindly accept this as the only problem the company is experiencing or that is even the primary issue. Read the packet and come to your own conclusions regarding what issues the company needs to address. You must seek out any additional information that you deem necessary, using whatever primary or secondary sources are appropriate. Students are expected to identify and use resources available in the library and elsewhere to collect appropriate information that may be useful to their analysis of the case. Examples of such sources are: The U.S. Industry Outlook, Compact Disclosures, Standard and Poor and similar directories, Internet resources, and SEC documents.

The APA paper must not exceed 20 double spaced pages. Exhibits are encouraged as a way to include information that does not fit neatly into the text. Any exhibits you would like to include must be referred to in the text but will not count in the overall pages. Please be sure to cite sources! The paper should have information on the following areas:

Analysis of the Environment: Provide a context and justification for you identification of key problems and issues faced by the company. You might include a summary of important factors determined from an analysis of the company’s industry.

Analysis of the Company: Clear presentation of the current condition of the company. Analyze the current competitive position of the company, its structure and design, and its current strategy and goals. As well, the current position/status of key functional areas within the company might be analyzed. Issues such as the resources and value-adding capabilities of key functional areas, how these contribute to the success and/or problem of the company, and how they are (or are not) integrated with other functional areas are also issues that you might consider.

Strategic Change and Strategy for the Future: Provide a clear overview of the key problem and issues faced by the company and the general solution that you feel best allows the company to address these problems and issues. In doing so, you will need to highlight the strategic changes you believe are needed and demonstrate how these changes provide consistency across the company’s goals, competitive premise, product/market focus, and business systems focus. As well, you might want to highlight other possible solutions to the problem as a means of showing what all is possible and why your solution is the best.

Implementation and Actions: Detailed plans for the implementation of your solution should be provided, addressing the who, what when, where, and how of the actions needed to ensure success. While information about the actions of each functional area may be important in this regard, be sure to address how functional areas will be coordinated and integrated so that they are working towards a common goal. For example, you many need to address issues related to process redesign, organizational restructuring and transformation, and organizational learning.

 Financial Forecast: The paper will need to project the financial implications of the recommendations. This will require a detailed justification for projection of both the cost stream and the revenue stream. Because this information is likely to play a prominent role in “selling” your plan as an appropriate solution, you should include a clear presentation of any assumptions that have gone into your forecasts.

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