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Quiz on leadership 10 MCQs Q1. - Goal-setting theory asserts that people with __________ goals perform better than those with __________ goals. Choose one answer. a. strategic; corporate b. vague; strategic c. specific; strategic d. stretch; vague Q2. - An organization’s core purpose and reason for existence is contained in its: Choose one answer. a. strategic vision. b. mission statement. c. strategy. d. core competence. Q3. - Strategic __________ is an organization’s capability to identify major changes in the external environment and respond promptly. Choose one answer. a. management b. focus c. leadership d. flexibility Q4. - The encouragement of systems thinking: Choose one answer. a. is a task of leaders who seek to enhance organizational learning. b. has the best results in traditional organizations. c. was a driving force in the 1980s, but has been largely discarded in favor of specialized thinking. d. increases efficiency, but appears to deter creativity. Q5. - Which of the following is a characteristic of a learning organization? Choose one answer. a. strategy is formulated from the top and passed down b. formal systems of communication tied to the vertical hierarchy with lots of filters c. stable environment d. loose, flexible, and adaptive roles Q6. - Which of the following is a characteristic of a traditional organization? Choose one answer. a. flat horizontal structure b. personal and group networks of free, open exchanges with no filters c. centralized decision making d. loose, flexible, and adaptive roles Q7. - Explicit or formal knowledge is: Choose one answer. a. highly personal. b. strongly rooted in action. c. the instinct and intuition that an experienced practitioner possesses. d. expressed in a system of rules. Q8. - Organizational knowledge: Choose one answer. a. is developed through training sessions. b. is both tacit and explicit. c. cannot exist without the emphatic sponsorship of top management. d. all of the answers are correct Q9. - A __________ organization is one that is skilled at creating, acquiring, and transferring knowledge, and at modifying behavior to reflect new knowledge and insights. Choose one answer. a. traditional b. learning c. diverse d. dynamic Q10. - In the aftermath of a crisis, top management should launch an evaluation that pertains to: Choose one answer. a. how effectively the crisis team and the crisis management plan performed. b. what worked least in mitigating the problem. c. how effectively the organization handled victims and family members. d. all of the answers are correct
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