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Write a brief essay (suggested length of 2 pages) in which you do the following:


A.  Explain the importance of:

1.  Teachers using questioning procedures to probe for learner understanding

2.  Teachers probing for learner understanding in order to provide effective feedback to the learners

3.  Teachers using follow-up questions


B.  Explain why it is important for teachers to create a climate that encourages students to ask further questions and compare opinions, knowledge, and experiences with others.

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Questioning and Discussion Procedures


Questioning is one of the most important tools that a teacher can use in the classroom.  Questioning the student has a multitude of purposes for learning in the classroom.    Managing the classroom, encouraging participation, engaging the students and increasing understanding can all be done by using questioning in the classroom. Questioning also gains the interests of the students and aids in keeping attention on the lesson theme or topic.  Teachers use probing and follow-up questions to evaluate student learning. The use of effective questioning is one which the students actively compose a response. Students regularly exposed to questions that force them to defend their responses learn valuable critical thinking skills.