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Write an executive proposal for a fictitious company called Quantum Research. The goal of the proposal is to persuade the executive management team to approve purchase of security testing software that can benefit the company’s corporate network security by testing and identifying vulnerabilities before they are exploited by hackers. The proposal must include a detailed description of the software, its purpose and benefits. Suggested Approach 1. Research a security testing software tool that you practiced using in the EC-Council iLabs or from the textbook. 2. Determine whether the tool would be beneficial in testing the security of a corporate network. 3. Use the vendor’s website to collect necessary information about the tool to be able to explain its purpose and benefit. 4. Include 3rd party endorsements and case studies about the tool. 5. Integrate the information from your own experience with the tool into your proposal. This may include results from the iLab exercises or your own test lab. Company Description Quantum Research Corporation Quantum Research is a startup medical research and development company. After five years of extraordinary success in the development of innovative medical and pharmaceutical products, Quantum Research is on its way to becoming a major player in the medical research and development industry. However, due to its success, Quantum Research has also become a major target of cybercriminals. Quantum Research has been the victim of cybercriminal attempts to steal intellectual property and sell it to Quantum Research’s competitors. It is suspected that the corporate network has been infiltrated from unauthorized sources more than once. In 2010, Quantum Research was falsely accused of unethical research and development practices. The false allegations resulted in the defacement of Quantum Research’s public website and several Denial of Service attacks at different times over a 8 month period that brought the corporate network to its knees. These attacks had a major impact on Quantum Research’s ability to conduct business and resulted in undesirable publicity for the company. Regardless of its security problems, Quantum Research has continued to grow as a company. Its research and development departments have grown over the years, due to the expansion of the company, in proportion to the increase in its business making up over 40% of the human resources. Quantum Research’s innovative research and development information is paramount to its continued success as a company. Although, no known attacks have occurred in last 18 months, the security of its network and intellectual property is still a major concern for the company. Because Quantum Research is a still fairly young company, management has been hesitant to budget for expensive security projects. However, this point of view is beginning to change. Particularly, because one of Quantum Research’s competitors, a major player in the medical research and development industry for over 40 years, experienced a loss of hundreds of millions of dollars in research data that was stolen from its corporate network by cyber thieves. Background and your role
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