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Quantitative Research Study Critique 1 - Select a nursing research study (not a systematic review of research literature nor a meta-analysis study). 2 - Identify the article citation using APA format. 3 - Begin your paper with a research review of your selected research study. Describe and summarize the following aspects of the research report. Address any section titles identified in your research article. Follow the format on pgs 300-306 when you write your paper. First give a review of the study component followed by your critique. This is an informal paper regarding format. Continue to use good writing skills in the content. Title of the Research Report: Problem Statement: Conceptual/Theoeretical Framework: Literature Review: Purpose of the Study: Research Questions/Hypotheses: Research Design: Sample: Data Collection Procedures: Data Collection Instruments: Human Subjects: Data Analysis: Results: Discussion: Implications and Recommendations: 4 - Now go back to each section and write your critique or critical evaluation of each component of the research study, addressing the questions listed in Chapter 11 on pages 233-234, and the guidelines for a critique listed on pages 292-296. Write your paper following the format examples on pages 300-306 in your textbook
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This research study was done by Daniel G, Jonathan S, Scott F. Felix K, Matthew L, Ant, Stuart T, Thomas G,  Pierre E, (2007),  to assess the Risk of Ebola Virus Transmission from Bodily Fluids and Fomites. Because no effective vaccine or specific antiviral therapy is available for Ebola he