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International Trade Speech


Good evening ladies and gentlemen:

Today we will discuss the United States economy by addressing the effects of import surpluses and regulation, effects of international trade on GDP, domestic markets, and university students, tariffs, quotas, and foreign exchange rates. Imports may come from any country.

Surplus of Imports

When a surplus of imports is allowed to enter the U.S., the prices of those imports decline due to a decrease in demand. Companies may be forced to sell those goods at reduced prices which will decrease profits and stability. As of December 2012, U.S. food exports totalled $133 billion and imports totalled $110 billion ("Food Safety News", 2013). Currently, the U.S. has an increasing trade deficit in fresh fruits. Cranberry growers in the United States are battling steep surpluses and declining prices, along with increased competition from Canadian and overseas producers ("Fruit Growers News", 2013).

GDP and International Trade, Domestic Markets, and University Students

Increasing U.S. exports and imports may have beneficial and detrimental effects on the economy. Exporting goods and services from our country will create income here at home, which sup