QNT 561 WEEK 5/ Business Research Project on Cellnet Telecommunication - 90151

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Business Research Project Part 1

Cellnet Telecommunication is a cell phone manufacturing company that currently leads the market for hi tech smartphones.The smartphones are handheld computers that people can take anywhere. With the smartphones people are able to access emails, text messages, video chat, and make calls. Cellnet was founded in 1994 and has produced several revolutionizing smartphone products in the last decade.  The company has a broad international customer base, maintaining a good service relationship with its customers.The company is based out of California and has manufacturing plants in China.  The company has monitored the production rate for the new U-phone and found that there are variances in production rates by shift.  The new U-phone just hit the market and the demand is high. Customers are pre-ordering the phone so Cellnet must maximum the production on all three shifts. 

Team A has been appointed by Cellnet management to investigate the relationship between the independent (work shift) and dependent (production) variables for Cellnet Telecommunication. The problem that confronts team A is that