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QNT 561 Final Exam.

P.S. Your questions will be chosen randomly from a large set of questions. Nobody can guarantee that these questions will cover completely your exam. If I helped you please leave “A” feedback (I need it very much). Thank you and good luck.

TRUE/FALSE: Mark the answers by circling T if the statement is true or F if the statement is false.


T F Q1: The number of individuals in a family is a continuous variable.


T F Q2: T-distributions are spread out more than a normal distribution with MU = 0, SIGMA = 1.


T F Q3: A random sample of 64 cars passing a check point on a certain highway showed a mean speed of 60 mph. The standard deviation of speeds is known to be 15 mph. In this case 60 mph is a point estimate of the population mean speed on this highway.


T F Q4: According to the Central Limit Theorem, the shape of the sampling distribution of sample mean (given that n ≥ 30) will be normal, whether or not the shape of the population is normal.


T F Q5: If the sample size is large (n ≥ 30), the standard deviation of the sample mean will equal the population standard deviation for that random variable.


T F Q6: Level of confidence is another name for level of significance.


T F Q7: If we would reject a null hypothesis at the 5% level, we would also reject it at the 1% level.


T F Q8: A Type I error is committed when one accepts the null hypothesis when it is false.


T F Q9: I

QNT 561 6.doc
QNT 561 6.doc