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Write a
1,750- to 2,450-word paper by developing and elaborating on the outline and
answering the questions below to formulate the paper.


Explain how your learning at University of Phoenixhas contributed to your definition of justice. Explain the origins of yourdefinition. Discuss how you intend to promote your definition in your intended career.


Explain the current selected practices. Wouldeveryone agree that these practices demonstrate justice? If not, explain why.If so, might these practices occasionally result in an injustice? Explain youranswer

  • What are some changes provoked by 9/11? Are the
    changes positive or negative? Are the changes worthwhile or unnecessary? Were
    the changes met with resistance by professionals in the field? Were the changes
    met with resistance by the public? Explain efforts taken to overcome any
    resistance. Would these changes have occurred without such a drastic triggering
    event? Explain.

  • Explain your reasons for identifying the
    challenges. Were there other challenges you considered? What were these? How do
    you suggest the component handle the challenges it faces?


  • What is your prediction for the future of this
    component? Support your prediction with references from scholarly publications.
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