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1.Being Unique-I find the position that the Woodwards took in 1942 amazing.  Standing up for what you believe in the face of significant opposition is difficult enough.  This reflected amazing leadership and commitment to personal values.  Did the action that the Woodwards take affect you in any manner?  Explain.


2.Social Contagion-Does the mere suggestion of a behavior cause a person to subconsciously perform the activity?  We have all discussed the effect yawning seems to have on us.  If suggestibility is such an influencing factor in our behavior - do you see evidence of its use in other areas of our lives?  Anyone?


3.Work dynamics-Work environments often have the presence of teams to complete work.  The use of teams is especially true in larger organizations.  Part of developing group dynamics involves four stages - forming, storming, norming and high performance.  The four stages start with forming and end with high performance.  Without a cohesive team - little productive work can be accomplished.
If we look at this type of team development - is conformity or obedience necessary?  Explain.

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