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Psych work [Pin It] Most psychologists believe that our sexual preferences and orientation are largely determined by our biology. Explore the biological and psycho-social aspects of sexual preference by completing the following items. Based on your assigned readings and videos this module, identify somebiological or genetic factors that influence sexual orientation behavior. Describe two or more conclusions from biological research of sexual orientation behavior. (These may include genes, brain functioning, metabolic, and hormonal, etc.) Based on your assigned readings and videos this module, identify somepsychological and social/cultural factors that may also influence sexual orientation. Describe two or more conclusions from psychological or social research ofsexual orientation. (These may include personal issues, family issues, society, media, or cultural issues.) Based on your research, explain whether you viewsexual orientation as primarily biologically based or psycho-socially based. Your response should be approximately three paragraphs in length (one paragraph for each item). Do not simply state your opinion on these issues; justify your response with evidence from scholarly sources, including your text.
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