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Diverse Nature If Psychology


The Diverse Nature of Psychology Paper

Charity Sims

PSY/490 – Capstone Course in Psychology



The field of psychology is not an easy task. The field of psychology is so diverse and always evolving. Because of its expanding nature, there is not only one theory that can truly explain or answer all the questions that are associated with psychology. Psychology is and has always been defined by its diversity, which is all its component and necessary parts. The unique diversity of psychology allows psychologists to elaborate and expand on the areas of diagnosis, explanation and assessment if the discipline. This paper will evaluate the influence of diversity on psychology’s major concepts, identify two examples of sub disciplines and two examples of subtopics within psychology and explain how the sub disciplines and subtopics identified could be applied to other disciplines and venues in contemporary society.

Feldman (2010) describes psychology as “the scientific study of behavior and mental processes”. Feldman (2010) also states that “psychologists attempt to describe, predict and explain human behavior and mental processes as well as helping to change and optimize the lives of individuals.” This often leads to the understanding of different cultures and the understanding of the diversity of the individuals that are apart of the culture. According to Stanovich (2010), the main two concepts that justifies psychology as a discipline is that with the help of science, it focuses on all aspects of human and non human behavior as well as the applications that are acquired from the knowledge of the behavior is based on scientific research. Stanovich (2010) feels that “science advances by positing theories to account for particular phenomena in the world, by deriving prediction from these theories, by testing the prediction empirically, and by modifying the theories based on the tests.” The primary concept that defines psychology is that it relies heavily on data based research in its study of behavior.

If psychology relies so heavily on data and research, why is diversity so important? In order to gain an understanding of human behavior and functioning, the scientific method must be used in order to diagnosis and treat. “The wide and diverse set of investigations is critical to an appreciation of the nature of the discipline” (Stanovich, 2010). Since behavior can not be justified based on a set of explan

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