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Write a 2,000- to 2,400-word paper on available drug treatment options. Include the following:


·         Explain what employee assistance programs are and how they can help an employee struggling with drug addiction.

·         Identify at least one inpatient treatment program and one outpatient treatment program and compare them.

·         Explain treatment modalities offered by the programs (e.g., individual therapy, group therapy, psychotherapy).

·         Identify characteristics of successful programs and which ones are prevalent in the programs you reviewed.


Use at least four peer-reviewed sources other than the text.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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Drug treatment options are good for society it helps to make productive citizens. The individuals can choose to use inpatient or outpatient care to meet his or her needs. The services that are available are free to individuals in need and looking for help. The facilities for service have individuals ready to assist with any need that the public has. The workers in the treatment programs are professionals and willing to help individuals in need.  The programs help individuals or groups willing to change his or her life and become productive citizens in the community.


Employee Assistance Programs

            Employee assistance programs (EAPs) are offeredby organiza

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