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. Individual Assignment: Weekly Reflection (due day 7). • Create a reflective and applied statement describing how the week's learning has affected your thought processes, development, and professional disposition. This statement should reflect your personal learning process challenges, moments of discovery, life experiences, and interactions. Ideally, you will use these reflections throughout the course and the program to document your development as a scholar, practitioner, and leader, and to reflect critically on the changes that occur during this process. • Format any citations and references in your reflective statement according to APA standards. This week's lesson reinforced my understanding of personalities. There are many factors that affect our personalities. Until this week I never gave a lot of thought to the uniqueness of my personality. Being around people I sometimes think we have minimal differences, but actually we are all different, it is just society has molded us into a certain way of living, but we are still our own person...
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.       Individual Assignment: Weekly Reflection (due day 7).