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Write a one page team reflection paper on what you believe are the greatest challenges during early and middle adulthood. 

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According to Erikson theory there are 8 stages in a life style. Two of the most focused on theories are middle age and late adult hood stages. Middle adult hood occurs between the ages of 40-65. According to "Erikson Stages of Development" (n.d.), “Erikson refers to the adult's ability to look outside oneself and care for others, through parenting, for instance. Erikson suggested that adults need children as much as children need adults, and that this stage reflects the need to create a living legacy”.  Late adult hood occurs from the age of 65 until death, this stage is often described as Old age. According to "Erikson Stages of Development" (n.d.),“It is a time for reflecting upon one's own life and its role in the big scheme of things, and seeing it f

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