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A mirror neuron allows you to see the world from:



When the brain perceives something as different, _______ is released and the result is _________.




Learners in a positive, joyful environment are likely to experience:


John Molloy (1988) found in a study that teacher dress impacts student learning. He also found that socioeconomic background influenced the type of clothing students best responded to.


All stimuli to the brain are:


The two major memory pathways are:


Researchers suspect that calcium deficiency may be one explanation for memory loss often experienced by the elderly.


Helplessness can devastate even the brightest learners. The following are symptoms of learned helplessness.


All human beings are born with extrinsic motivation; we don't need someone to monitor it unless a brain-antagonistic environment has been set up.


We go in and out of countless states every day. The following are a few strategies for managing learning states except:


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Create an energy shift with lighting

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