PSY 370 week 4 DQ 2 Boosting working memory (acetylcholine) - 20161

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Chemicals in the Brain that Impact Learning and Memory

Read the assigned article according to your grouping and give an example of how this chemical can affect memory through the process of forming a memory. Locate the article in the Ashford online library that discusses how this chemical within the brain affects learning and memory.

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Provide a brief summary of the article and include an example of how this chemical can hinder or enhance the learning.

In providing a brief summary of the article and the information provided in the book of how the chemical acetylcholine, enhances or hinders the levels of the neurotransmitter used in the long term memory (Robbins, Mehta, Sahakian, 2000).  This chemical helps your brain to recall information stored already.  There are lecithin (found in certain foods) which is converted into acetylcholine, these foods are found in eggs, salmon, lean beef and some sugar (Jensen, 2008).  This chemical is produced and converted in the prefrontal cortex.  In the article there was a drug called physostigmine, which was used to block this chemical to show if the drug could enhance o