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Chemicals in the Brain that Impact Learning and Memory

Read the assigned article according to your grouping and give an example of how this chemical can affect memory through the process of forming a memory.  Locate the article in the Ashford online library that discusses how this chemical within the brain affects learning and memory.  Provide a brief summary of the article and include an example of how this chemical can hinder or enhance the learning.  Do your findings support what you understand about the brain?  What activity or strategy can you use in the classroom to increase or decrease this chemical within the brain to support learning? 

Article 2:  Developmental Timing of Exposure to Elevated Levels of Phenylalanine is Associated with ADHD Symptom Expression (phenylalanine)

Guided Response: Article Choice Grouping (by the first letter of the last name):

  • A- D    Article  1
  • E - H     Article   2
  • I - M      Article  3
  • N- S      Article   4
  • T - Z     Article   5
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 In this study, ADHD students who had the elevated chemical of phenylalanine (PKU), mothers who had the chemical (MPKU) and controlled participants who were siblings without PKU were studied.  First, a doctor level psychologist conducted about a twenty minute psychological screener which was conducted in a quiet room within their clinic or within the participants home.  Next, school materials were mailed and completely voluntary.  Different screeners or measures were conducted to test the cognitio