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In your own words, describe each of the five basic dispositional traits.  Then, select one of the adjective pairs listed in the table for each of the five trait categories in Table 1.2 and describe where you think your personality falls in the spectrum of each adjective pair.  (For example:  Extraversion: Talkative - Quiet; I am generally more talkative than I am quiet.  I favor the talkative end of the spectrum.  When I am at work, however, I tend to be quieter.)

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1.       Openness to experience …How a person preserves things throughout their life. Whether or not a painting an appreciated for its color technique or looked at as finger paintings; are they complex or simple? Creative or dull? It is how one views life and what they do with it, openness to explore and capture the entire experience.

Creative – Uncreative: I find that I can master up new recipes and projects in a flash that come out fantastic, however when it is asked of me to do so my mind goes blank.


2.       Conscientiousne