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Ashford 4: - Week 3 - Journal

Child Obesity Epidemic

Locate a current news article on childhood obesity (you may use the required or recommended articles from this week or find one on your own).  Journal your ideas on why childhood obesity is becoming an epidemic in America and throughout the world. Consider what behaviors you may exhibit that would promote childhood obesity rather than its prevention. What can you do starting today to help decrease childhood obesity in your family, schools, and community?

The purpose of the journal activity is to allow you to thoroughly reflect upon what you have learned so far in your coursework and to provide you with an opportunity to relate this learning to your own experiences.  The reflective journal is not a formal written assignment; however you are expected to adhere to conventional rules of grammar, sentence structure, spelling, and punctuation while focusing on clearly conveying your thoughts.  



Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your journal.

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